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On July 12-19 2019, “New Mobility Lifestyle– Automobile+5G and Smart Interconnection” Summit was successfully held by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Liuzhou Municipal People’s Government and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Equipment Industry Development Center. The Summit invited approximately 400 government officials, industry associations, international organizations, research institutes, Academician and scholars, and technical experts and collaboratively discussed the automotive industry transformation and revolution under the 5G era.

Ms. Liping Kang from the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation was invited to the Summit and share the recently published report “A Study on China’s Timetable for Phasing-Out Traditional ICE Vehicles” with the panel guests and audiences. The report was published in May and intended to explore the practical pathways of regional electrification. Ms. Kang pointed out that ICE vehicles refer to the vehicle models that have high fuel consumption and high emission, while Energy-efficient hybrid vehicles still need to be encouraged. The “phase-out” has to follow the “by region, by stages and by vehicle types” rules, and it has to be collaboratively driven by the policy means and market. “Banning” the ICE vehicles is only one of the policy tools.

“New Mobility Lifestyle– Automobile+5G and Smart Interconnection” Summit
Liping Kang was giving a presentation

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