China and US are the world’s largest emitters of carbon dioxide. China and India are the homes to many of the world’s most polluted cities. Countries around the globe are eagerly looking to collaborate with global cleantech leaders to further the UN sustainable development goals. In the fall of 2012, with support from strategic partners in China and US, iCET created the Cleantech Innovation and Cooperation Program. The program aims to identify and promote clean technology innovations, best practices and business solutions through a global multi-stakeholder collaboration. 

US-China Cleantech Center

The US-China Cleantech Center (UCCTC) is a joint-partnership program between iCET and the US Department of Commerce. It is dedicated to promoting US clean energy and environmental protection technologies and best practices in China. UCCTC brings together leaders from top companies and the sustainability field to network, promote, seek new clean technologies, and, together, shape the future of clean technology.

Tech Bank

We have created a Tech Bank that covers eight clean technology sectors: New Energy, Energy Efficiency, Clean Transportation, Recycling, Energy Storage/Distribution, New Materials, Waste/Pollution Treatment, Monitoring and Analysis and Smart Tech/Manufacturing. This data platform is designed to promote meaningful technical cooperation globally. It provides immediate access to the people and resources actively impacting energy and environmental challenges and creates partnership opportunities for private and public sector stakeholders.

City Partnership

With high environmental friendly technology demand from the Greater China region, we developed strategic partnerships with cities in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Hong Kong, etc. Through high level industry exchanges, capacity building workshops, management training, and the deployment of environmental protection technologies, we assist city governments and local industrial insiders to improve their knowledge of clean technology, encourage the adoption of relevant policies and best practices, and promote opportunities for collaboration in commercial green business.

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