Smart & Sustainable Mobility / Live-Cycle™ Transport Framework

Despite the hype around the potential benefits of the big-data era in informing better and more sustainable decision making, decisions are typically not informed by live big-data but rather only by fractions of outdated data digested through fragmented calculation methods. Key impediments to harnessing big-data in the transport sector in China include: lack of platforms that can coherently merge data from various sources (different ministries use different platforms); lack of a standardized methodology for calculating emissions from transport (various methodologies exist); lack of a digitized capability for tracking data at the source level (should a problem occur, who is to take charge?)

This project is aimed at providing a solution to the problem: A Platform for Live Data hosting that also offers multiple digestion options based on a Standard Methodology for emissions calculation. Input and output data are flexible and external to this inclusive system: the open LiveCycle platform will enable each user to select input and output requirements from the existing pool of eventually ‘live’ data (or users’ own data) for supporting stakeholders’ analyses and decision-making processes.

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