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On December 3rd, 2012, participants of the COP 18 convened for the Global Carbon Registry Seminar in Doha, Qatar. Hosted by Dr. Fuqiang Yang, Senior Advisor of the Natural Resources Defense Council, the seminar sought to establish a measurable path to sustainable development. Guest speakers from the United States, Canada, Brazil, and China introduced carbon registry activity and progress in their respective countries and compared outcomes. Representing iCET and China, Ms. Fangfang spoke at the conference.

The recently established Global Carbon Registration Alliance (GCRA) was among the innovations of the past year announced during the seminar. Launched at the Rio+20 in Brazil in June 2012 by The Climate Registry (TCR) (USA), iCET (China), and GVces (Brazil), the GCRA acts as a global consortium of programs to manage and measure greenhouse gas emissions. Its mission is to improve the human and institutional capacity to address climate change through the use of its credible, transparent standards for carbon measurement and management.

The GCRA utilizes a unified MRV system to create a global database to make the data accessible to the public, transparent, comparable, accurate, and reliable. This process is called the “harmony greenhouse gas reporting system” and can support a variety of climate policy goals and needs. Through a collaborative comparison of experiences of the Global Carbon Registration Alliance in various countries, the seminar gave significant perspective to the situations of carbon management between the member countries. In order to achieve the energy conservation and carbon reduction targets, China must strongly advocate for corporate emissions registration and information disclosure.

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