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iCET Dr An Feng and Maya Ben Dror were invited to publish a paper in an issue dedicated to Disruptive Change in the Transport Sector at the Oxford Energy Journal. The issue, titled “Government policy and regulatory framework for passenger NEVs in China”, offers a structured view into China’s passenger vehicle electrification policy. It suggests that the path to new energy vehicles (NEVs) unfolds in two parallel policy trends:¬ intensification of energy-consumption regulation over internal combustion engine cars, and¬ increased favorable policies in support of NEV production. Recently, these two paths have crossed, in the newly announced corporate average fuel consumption (CAFC) and NEV joint credits system. Despite ambitious policy goals, the effectiveness of China’s new policy approach to zero-emission passenger mobility has yet to be seen but is expected to be revealed soon. This article reviews the motivators and processes through which China’s passenger vehicle energy saving regulatory framework has developed. It then examines advances in NEV policy, and finally, it concludes with some concerns surrounding China’s novel CAFC–NEV credits policy.

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